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What Does A Sexual Addiction Therapist Do?

A sexual addiction therapist is a person who specializes in treating sexual addiction. It is important to find a professional who has the necessary qualifications to treat sex addiction, and has a good track record of helping people who are in the process of recovery. These therapists also know how to handle the various challenges associated with the condition.

Treatment options for sex addiction

The goal of treatment for sexual addiction is to teach a person how to control their impulses and stop engaging in unhealthful behaviors. This may involve a combination of various types of therapies. Some of these include counseling, psychotherapy, and medication. For the treatment to be successful, the patient must admit to the addiction and accept that it is a problem.

Psychotherapy can be an effective method of treatment for those with a sexual addiction. The therapy works by examining the person’s thinking patterns and emotions. It also helps a person identify the extent of his or her addiction and provide direction.

Qualifications of a sex addiction therapist

To be a certified sex addiction therapist, you need a bachelor’s degree in social science, psychology, or a related field. You may also want to take additional studies in this field. The CSAT designation requires two years of training and supervision through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals. The training is designed to help you become a better therapist by integrating research-based materials. It also focuses on group and individual therapy sessions. Moreover, the CSAT certification requires thirty hours of clinical experience.

A CSAT is highly trained in treating trauma and sexual addiction. They will conduct a comprehensive assessment and do due diligence throughout the treatment process. They are also well-equipped to treat both the sex addict and their partner in separate and combined sessions. Some CSATs even provide services through telehealth. That way, you can get treatment in the comfort of your own home or office.

Techniques used by a sex addiction therapist

During treatment, a sexual addiction therapist will look at a patient’s history and uncover any triggers for inappropriate behavior. This history helps the therapist better understand the client’s distorted thoughts and feelings about sex and sexual arousal. Often, sex addiction leads to feelings of shame and guilt, which can be overcome through therapy.

Treatment for sexual addiction typically involves one-on-one sessions with a licensed mental health therapist. These sessions help the client identify the triggers for their sexual impulses and change their behaviors. These sessions usually take about 30-60 minutes. Sometimes, the person may also benefit from drug therapy, which involves taking certain antidepressants to block sexual urges. However, these drugs can have side effects such as reduced libido and impaired sexual experience.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is another common technique used by sexual addiction therapists. This approach is effective in helping patients identify their triggers and change unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. It also helps patients develop new interests and activities outside of sex and helps to repair damaged relationships. In addition, it helps rekindle trust and intimacy in relationships.

Cost of a sex addiction therapist

The cost of sexual addiction therapy is determined by a number of factors. For example, the treatment must be approved by a payer. The cost depends on whether the sexual addiction therapy is a group or individual treatment. It is also dependent on whether the counseling is medically necessary for the condition. If so, the rates for the counseling sessions are set by the payer’s fee schedule or by a percentage of Medicare. After that, the counselor must adjust the fee for any balance that is not covered by the insurance carrier. Moreover, two or more counselors cannot charge different prices for the same CPT code.

Another consideration is the cost of inpatient care. Some insurance plans will cover the cost of inpatient rehab. However, inpatient rehab is typically the most expensive type of treatment, and will include food and housing. Inpatient rehab is recommended for people with severe cases of sexual compulsion. Inpatient treatment is not necessary for every individual with sex addiction, however.

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